What is "Normal skin", Check yours

Normal skin”, as it’s called in the dermatological world, describes skin that is overall not oily or dry and doesn’t face any persistent skin concerns or conditions. This well-balanced skin type has even levels of moisture and hydration. Anyway, normal skin can experience slight variations in oiliness and dryness - and even the occasional breakout when exposed to environmental stressors like UV rays and pollution.


Not too dry and not too oily, normal skin has:

- No or few imperfections

- No severe sensitivity

- Barely visible pores

- A radiant complexion

How to take care for “Normal Skin


Normal skin may not have obvious problems, but it still requires proper care to stay healthy and youthful. There are 3 simple steps to take care for normal skin.


Treat your skin according to its needs at the present. You can make minor adjustments to your skin care routine to tackle intermittent dryness or oiliness as well as target the odd dark spot or blemish. Feeling dry? Swap your lightweight moisturizer for a richer formula.

Blemish emerging? Add a spot treatment to your nightly routine.

Pick products that suit and align with your skin such as organic product to prevent the chemical and allergy.


Even normal skin requires proper care to maintain its healthy glow. The same goes for skin care!


Key to keeping up your skin’s health is protecting it from drying environmental stressors. UV rays or blue light radiation and pollution expose skin to free radicals - unstable and highly reactive molecules that damage otherwise healthy cells. Over time, cumulative exposure leads to premature skin aging and the development of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots.

So, what product to choose?



Part of keeping normal skin strong and healthy is choosing the right products, that are not going to treat your skin the wrong way.

- Organic solution

- Natural ingredients

- Non-Toxic

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