Know all skin type, and how to find yours?

You’ve probably heard or read somewhere that when it comes to beauty and skincare, you should be using products formulated for your skin type.


Why skin type is important

In order to practice your most effective skincare, it’s absolutely important to know your skin type. Nowadays, ladies had a unlimited selection of skincare items to choose from, “one it all product” to customize skincare for each person. There is an unending variety of formulas tailored to care for our unique skin types, but even though there are so many of them but are they the right skincare for you?


Dry Skin

Dry skin can feel tight throughout the day, and may experience noticeable flaking. Dry skin is largely due to genetics, environmental factors such as lifestyle & diet, hormonal changes, and climate. Dehydration is also a leading cause of dry skin, so drinking plenty of water and avoiding diuretics like alcohol and caffeine can make a significant difference in how your skin feels and looks.


Normal/Combination Skin

People with normal/combination skin often experience dryness on the cheeks, making it important to find a moisturizer that is not too heavy but one substantial enough to retain moisture where needed most. Those with normal skin are not prone to breakouts on their cheeks, and tend to have a well-moisturized t-zone. Gentle, daily exfoliation is also important to keep the t-zone and cheek areas balances.


Oily Skin

Excess oil can oftentimes leave pores congested and clogged. The happy news however is that oily skin looks younger and more supple because it has more natural moisture and is less prone to wrinkle. Daily enzymatic exfoliation is essential to promote cell turnover and prevent sebum buildup in pores. A gentle physical exfoliator (that does not use abrasives such as crushed nuts or seeds that can cause tiny tears in the dermis) is also useful for balancing the tone and texture of your skin.


Note for Sensitive Skin

Managing sensitive skin can be challenging, as it takes considerable time and effort to determine which ingredients cause inflammation and irritation. To make this process easier, introduce only one new formula or product at a time. This rule applies to both skincare and cosmetics. Patch testing a new formula on your inner forearm is an excellent way to minimize potential reactions on the face. If your skin shows no sign of flaring up, apply the formula to the area behind one of your ears before using it on your face.

Look for labels that organic or natural skin care product that suitable to your skin care and fit with your

No matter what type of skin you have, make sure you’re using the products that will offer the most benefits and allow you to take the best care of your skin so it can be its beautiful best!


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