The secret of Lotus extract


Lotus flower” symbolizes knowledge, purity, and serenity. With rich amounts of antioxidants, helping to treat different skin problems to improving concentration and appetite, the lotus oil benefits are abundant. It is one of those effective natural ingredients, everything that’s edible in the nature is healthy, if we know how to use it. Just like lotus, it has such a health benefit of lotus flower for our body.




The first health benefits of lotus that we should know is its responsibility as an antioxidant. An Antioxidant that contains inside lotus, maybe, cause by chemical compound. We need antioxidant to clear our body from bad chemical compound inside our body and prevent the one that will come.



Lotus seed extract also has responsibility as hepatoprotection, especially for serum enzyme production. This extract also has the responsibility of protecting from genotoxic effect. Beside lotus flower extract, active compounds contained inside lotus, such as armepavine, are compounds that can cure hepatitis B.


Improves skin texture


You can have naturally-glowing skin when both your body and mind are healthy.

The lotus flower is used as one of the key ingredients in many health and skin care products. Not only its aroma, but also its therapeutic properties makes it an essential component in those products.

You can feel a refreshing and cooling effect on your skin while giving a smooth texture over time.


Lowers blood pressure

High blood pressure often shows no signs and symptoms. It can go unnoticed even for many years. The apparent cause of high blood pressure is not precisely known, but it may lead to heart failure, stroke, and kidney failure. Fortunately, the compounds present in the lotus flower passes through the skin and relaxes the blood vessels.


Relief Stress

As we already know, beside as dishes, lotus also used as a decorative plant. Usually, we will find it in someone’s backyard that has a pond and how do you feel? Relaxing right? , but  Why? Because we live such a beautiful view. And by putting lotus in our backyard pond, we will find such a beautiful view at our small backyard.

How can lotus relief our stress? First, its color will indulge our sight. If you plant lotus on your pond, you will find your pond more beautiful because lotus has such a pretty color like red, pink, white, blue and purple. Second, the lotus is a plant. And as we already know, plant inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen that needed for our body.


Overcome insomnia


When there is anxiety, a human mind primarily worries during the night time. It often sort out the day problems during the night. Adding to this, the glare from smartphones, computer screen, TVs, and other gadgets suppresses melatonin production, making it difficult for you to sleep.

Work stress, improper diet, pain, stress, and anxiety disturb the sleep. If you feel tired all day or if you start worrying about your sleep, then you possibly have Insomnia.

But the good news is that lotus flower aroma helps you to ease anxiety during the night. It relaxes your body and mind, letting you sleep peacefully.


Use in Skin care


Lotus flower, meaning of purity, whether it is grown in whenever. Which that’s have in MOISTURIZING LOTION AGE DEFYING and INTENSIVE BODY CREAM. We develop the result and method for protecting the skin from environmental damage. Help to pore your face and body together. Lotus flower rich in antioxidant. It’s a property intensely moisturizer and help to increase the skin elastic surface. Slow down brown spots and wrinkles. Although mostly a product just to add the lotus flower extract, but not all products have a premium solution to keep the property.

     Atlas you can eat the lotus flower as well, there are many dishes that lotus flower as the main ingredient which relate to another our article “if you not eat it. Don’t put it on your skin