Kalapa, our why ‘3-Re’

Kalapa provides everyday solutions and systems that address and effectively treat specific personal care problems.

Premium in look and feel, the brand evokes the “finer things in life” with understated yet elegant packaging, luxurious formulations that pamper the skin and scents that deliver a stimulating, sensory experience.

Show your perfect skin in every day and any age to be the best version of yourself. By the natural product, that’s rich with the value to be “3-Re”. The real of emotional healthy skin.




The real meaning of healthy skin must make be refresh soon. Not to damage skin but to open the sense of perfect skin. Which can find in organic product with quality process and produce. For save vitamin and important ingredients, that’s important to bring back your youth skin.




Most people want to live beyond and strong forever but natural replace that with aging. We cannot run from the time but we can live at the best version of ourselves. Wrinkle or crack will come when you 20, 25 or 30 years old eventually. But if no one can tell clearly how old you are, or when they surprise when you told them your age. Let be the one to find out new experience and emotional that stimulate from inside, this is the true natural sense.  



Reborn for your perfect skin. Renew and rejuvenate your skin with moisturize and with superior ingredient that can prevent the aging skin all together. Cleansing product is important as well as the skin care product. It’s can help to prevent toxic, restore the right element and increasing flexibility in every night. Prepare your skin for makeup and reborn in everyday looks.